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Mix & Match at our Flavour Bar:

For the Individual, not the Masses!

Are you one of those vapers who mix your own distinct “brand” of eliquid by combining two or more standard eliquids available on the market? FVS has a solution for you – try our new FLAVOUR BAR.

Our slogan says “For the Individual…Not the masses” and that sums up our business.

At FVS we recognise that we are all different, and as with the food we eat and the cars we drive, we all have different vaping tastes – that is exactly why we decided to implement the flavour bar into our range of services.

In the flavour bar you choose everything exactly the way you want it from your base to your nicotine contents – you essentially craft your own eliquid specific to your taste and needs.

We offer 50ml and 100ml bottles to choose from, you can choose your VG / PG content and mix, your nicotine contents and then as little or as many of the flavours from our magnificent range of concentrates….sit back and relax while we mix your perfect combination and send it off to you.

Our eliquid is manufactured in South Carolina USA, it is made from premium food grade ingredients and contains none of the nasty substances added to cheap imitations.

Join the revolution and craft your own!


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